Citywide Tree Inspections Platform


Citywide is a utility services company providing asset maintenance and support to local government. Needing to manage the inspection of over 50,000 trees, Citywide approached Spatial Partners to build a cost-effective management platform. Our solution was to build a custom Microsoft PowerApps integration of GISCloud.


The problem.

Citywide’s previous elm tree inspection app was built using PowerApps and a SharePoint list as a data source. With only a small number of trees (4000) the use of the SharePoint list as a data store was adequate.

However, a new project involving some 50,000 trees was more than a SharePoint list could handle. The SharePoint connector for PowerApps has delegation limitations precluding it from coping with 50,000 list items.

Also, whilst Power Apps provides a highly customisable interface suitable for creating custom forms, it does not provide a map interface to display spatial information but instead uses static map tiles.

Our solution.

Our solution was to integrate the two platforms so as to store data and create maps in GIS Cloud whilst using power apps to provide the complex form-filling interface for inspections.

Our solution utilised PowerApps, PowerAutomate, and GIS Cloud together with the GIS Cloud – PowerApps connector now published by Spatial Partners through its product division HandyGeo Services.

The GIS Cloud – PowerApps connector allows us to pull data and render maps from GIS Cloud within the PowerApps environment. PowerAutomate is used to extract daily data in Excel format and generate emails automatically.

The benefit to Citywide is a cost-effective tool for large-scale tree inspections. It saves considerable time in inspection as well as in reporting.